Frequently Asked Questions

Which Types Of Pokies Can I Play For Real Money?

New Zealand online pokies players have a wide variety of games to choose from. There are over 50 different New Zealand online pokies to choose from and we’ve put together a list of the most popular ones to help you out if you’re looking for something new.

Which Pokies Have The Best Progressive Jackpots?

One of the best progressive jackpot pokies games is Book of Ra from Novomatic. This game has a limit to how much you can bet and it starts with 10 coins and can go up to 20 coins per line. One of the best features about this game is that it features a scatter symbol which means you don’t have to get 3 or more symbols in a row, just two or more are enough for you to win.

How Can You Find A Good Online Pokies To Play?

There’s a lot of information that you should take into consideration when you’re choosing an online pokie to play for real money. For example, have you decided what type of game you want to play? Is it important to have a variety of bonuses and features? Do you need to be able to play on your computer, tablet or Android mobile phone? Does the payout percentage matter? There are a lot of factors that will help you decide which pokies casinos in New Zealand offer the best pokies games.

The first thing that we recommend doing is finding out which casino offers high payouts and has a wide range of games available. What are the features that are available for playing pokies for real money in New Zealand casinos? What about the bonuses and promotions that are offered? Are there any age restrictions or other requirements for playing pokies online casinos in New Zealand?

Once you find a casino with great pokies games, high payouts and all the features you want, it’s time to sign up! Some New Zealand pokies casinos require players to download their software before they can make a deposit. But most popular casinos allow players to register through an instant signup process so that they don't have to download anything. If this sounds like something you're interested in, why not try one of these excellent online pokies for real money in New Zealand casinos today!

Are Online Pokies Rigged?

The short answer is no. There’s a misconception that online pokies are rigged and the casino has an unfair advantage over you. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, pokies are one of the most fair games in any casino. The payouts are programmed into the machine and they can’t be changed by anyone other than the RNG (Random Number Generator).

What Are The Best Online Pokies Ever?

One of the most popular pokies of all time is Buffalo Gold. It’s a three reel, one pay line game that features a wild symbol and offers players the chance to win up to 75,000 coins. Players with a keen eye for detail will also notice that the symbols are different from your average pokie symbols – these are all New Zealand native animals.

Another popular online pokies game is Shop Till You Drop. This is another three reel, one payline game that offers players the chance to win up to 75,000 coins. The wild symbol in this game is a scatter which pays out when it appears on any reel on its own or as part of a winning combination. The scatter symbol also has an added bonus feature which can be triggered by betting five times at once on any of the 20 possible different lines in this game.

What are the Advantages of Playing for Real Money?

The advantages of playing for real money are numerous, but there are a few that stand out.

  • Playing for real money is the only way to win actual cash prizes
  • Online casinos offer players an opportunity to play pokies from the comfort of their home
  • You can set specific limits on your gambling allowance and you will never encounter the long lines at a physical casino
  • New Zealand players enjoy the same high quality pokies as those in Las Vegas, with top developers now making them available online!

Can You Make Money Playing Online Pokies?

The question you need to ask yourself before playing online pokies for real money is: can you win? We’ve seen a lot of players complain about their losses, but that’s not the point. People play games with different motivations and expectations. If your gambling is an escape from reality, then it doesn’t really matter if you lose money on a pokies game as long as you enjoy yourself. However, if your gambling is an attempt to make some extra money and you want to play the best online pokies for real money in NZ casinos, then there are two things that you need to know:

  1. Your odds of winning money while gambling in New Zealand casinos are slim
  2. There are some strategies that can improve your chances of winning

We recommend playing casino games with the highest payout percentage and avoiding pokies with a low payout percentage. For example, if there are two pokies with 95% payouts, one has a lower house edge than the other which means it will have higher winnings for players over time. You should also be aware of what's called "the law of averages" which says that eventually all bets will hit something or even out over time - so don't bet more than you can afford to lose!

Are My Funds Safe And Secure?

It is important to know that when you play pokies for real money on New Zealand online casinos, your funds are safe and secure. This is because the country does not have any laws regulating gambling online. The New Zealand government also has a strict process in place for issuing gambling licenses which means online casino operators can only issue games if they have been approved by the Gambling Commission. All of this ensures that your real money stays safe and secure while you’re playing pokies for real money in NZ casinos.

How Can You Win At A Casino With Little Money?

If you’re wondering how to play the best online pokies for real money in New Zealand casinos, it’s important to know what your best bet is. To do this, you need to know the payout percentage of each game. Pokies games have different payout percentages that are set by the casino and change depending on the type of pokie game. For instance, a video pokie might have a higher payout percentage than a classic 3 reel pokie. The key to winning at a casino with little money is playing the pokies that offer the highest payout percentage so you can maximize your chances of winning big.

After Winning At An Online Casino, How Do I Get My Real Money Winnings Paid Out?

You can have your winnings paid out to your preferred bank account, or you can choose to have the funds sent straight to your Paypal account. You will need to set up a personal online casino account with your preferred online casino before you start playing. Once you’ve created an account, you will be prompted to enter a valid email address and phone number and select the appropriate payment method.

If you would like to play pokies for real money in New Zealand casinos and get your winnings paid out through Paypal, then you’ll need to set up a secondary casino account with one of our recommended casinos. This is because the majority of New Zealand casinos only offer either paying out winnings via bank transfer or by depositing them back into the player’s casino account.

Which Online Casino Offers The Most Free Spins Without A Deposit?

There are many online casinos that offer various free spins bonuses. However, when comparing those bonuses, it becomes clear that some are better than others. For example, at one casino the player can get a 100% deposit match which will cover their first 3 deposits of up to $200 each. This casino also provides a 50 free spins bonus for their first deposit. What's more, they have an option to receive 5 additional free spins per day by completing certain tasks on the site.

Another casino offers players 20% cash back on all deposits made through the site before they play any pokies at the site or complete any other task on the site besides signing up and making a deposit. They also provide 10 free spins for players who make their first deposit.

How Can I Get Free Spins?

When you sign up for an online casino, the first thing that you will receive is a welcome bonus package. A majority of these packages include free spins and no deposit bonuses. However, this free spins offer varies in value from casino to casino. For instance, if your welcome bonus comes in the form of 100 free spins on a pokie with a max bet of $5, then you will be able to play the pokie for 10 rounds at 50 cents per round or 5 rounds at $1 per round. While there are many online pokies with free spins no deposit bonuses available, you might want to keep your eyes peeled for those that offer more than just 10-15 bonus rounds.

Playing In Online Casinos Is Legal In The New Zealand?

It's an excellent way to enjoy some quality time with family and friends, or just for fun. Many people believe that playing in online casinos is illegal in the NZ, but this isn't true. Online casinos are regulated by the Gambling Commission and licensed by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission, ensuring that all games are fair and all players have a safe experience.

There's no denying that online pokies offer a convenient and exciting way to gamble from the comfort of your home. They're available 24/7, so you can play your favourite pokie game anytime you want to play. They also offer many different variations of pokies games, meaning there's something for everyone. Free spins bonuses offered at these casinos give you even more chances to win big!

What Is A Casino Bonus?

A casino bonus is a form of reward that is offered by a casino to players in the form of cash or prizes. Casino bonuses are often used as a way to attract players to sign up, as well as an incentive to keep them playing on the site.

What's The Reason Behind Casinos Giving Free Spins On Pokies?

Free spins are a reward that casinos give to players who have signed up to their casino. These free spins can be offered on pokies and they usually come with different conditions. For example, some casinos offer a certain number of free spins to players who have made a deposit. Other casinos will allow you to claim the entire value of your deposit as free spins. Regardless of the type of game being played, the goal is for these offers to entice new players by giving them an opportunity to sample the games before deciding whether or not they want to make a deposit or take advantage of any other offers that are available.

Are You Able To Win Money On Free Spins?

Many people who are new to playing online pokies with free spins and no deposit bonuses often wonder if they can win real money on these offers. The answer is yes, you are able to win real money on these free bonus offers.

Basically, the more you bet, the more chance you have of winning. The same holds true for any type of pokie game. You need to wager a certain amount in order to claim your prize. This is the same whether it's free or not and these free pokies work just like any other pokie game in this regard.

The only difference with the free spin bonus is that you don't need to make a deposit before playing them. However, keep in mind that not all games have completely free spins. Some may require you to make a deposit or some form of payment before you can get your original investment back as well as any winnings from the spins themselves.

What Is The Max Number Of Free Spins I Can Get?

The max number of free spins you can get is 100. This is the max amount of free spins that are offered to players, so you'll want to find pokies that offer at least this many. Some pokies, however, offer up to 500 free spins in total.

Is It Safe To Play Free Spins No Deposit Offers?

The safety of playing free spins no deposit offers can be a concern for some players. The good news is that these types of offers are legitimate and safe. These bonuses are usually offered to entice people to register with the site, or as a means to attract more players. It's also worth noting that this type is still considered "free" because you do not have to pay any actual money in order to claim it. As long as you follow the terms and conditions, there should be no problem claiming your free bonus.

Can I Use Free Spins On My Mobile Device?

The answer is yes. Most online pokies sites are mobile-friendly and offer pokies games that you can play on your phone or tablet. This is perfect for those who want to play pokies but don’t have a computer, laptop, or tablet available to them at all times. Just download the pokies app for your device and start playing pokies on your mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Can I Use More Than One Bonus At A Time?

We are not aware of any sites that will allow you to use more than one bonus at a time. However, many casinos will allow you to spend your free spins on different pokies if they offer different games.

What Are The Wagering Requirements For These Offers?

The wagering requirements for these offers vary across the sites. For example, at 32 Red, all players need to do is make a deposit and play with the casino's full range of games to receive their 100% match up to $32 free spins bonus. At Bet365, no deposit bonuses are not available. However, they offer a sign-up bonus of 50% up to $200 after completing the simple registration form. The wagering requirements for this offer are 20x the value of the bonus. Expekt has both a no deposit bonus and a free spins bonus for new players. You can choose either one or both in order to receive your free money from Expekt. Both bonuses have their own set of wagering requirements which are 35x the value of the amount given as the offer.

These Free Spins Come With Time Limits, Right?

There is a misconception that these free spins come with time limits. However, this is not the case at all. The amount of time you are allowed to keep playing will vary depending on the casino that you play at and what type of promotion there is available.

Do All Pokies Have Free Spins?

There are a number of different types of pokies available to players at social gaming sites. These include video pokies, 3-reel pokies, classic 3-reel pokies, and many more. The free spins bonus can be applied to any type of pokie game. Free spins are usually offered as a promotion by social gaming sites to increase the popularity of their games. Players can receive these promotions either through an offer code or through completing an offer on the social gaming site’s website. Free spins are a great way for new players to test the waters with a particular game and see if they enjoy it before investing in it.

Players often find themselves wanting more than just free spins, though. This is where no deposit bonuses come into play. A no deposit bonus is exactly what it sounds like - you don’t have to make a deposit on your account in order to receive this promotion! All that needs to be done is for you click on the “claim this bonus now” button and go through the simple registration process to claim your no deposit bonus from our list of best online pokies with free spins and no deposit bonuses available today!

Can You Win With Free Spins Bonuses?

Since the introduction of free spins bonuses and no deposit bonus offers, many players have asked the question: do you win with a free spin bonus? The answer is yes, you can win by playing pokies with a bonus. All online pokies offer some form of bonus that the player can take advantage of in order to play without having to spend any money.

What's The Difference Between Free Spins And Bonus Rounds?

The difference between free spins and a bonus round are that with a free spin bonus, you're allowed to play for free for a predetermined number of times. With a bonus round, you'll have the chance to win prizes such as cash.

For example, let's say there is an online pokie game where you have the choice to select from one of two starting bonuses. The first offer is 10 free spins. This would allow you to play for a predetermined time without any monetary investments on your part. If the second offer was 100% match up to $500 and 20 bonus rounds, this would allow you to play with no money invested while also giving you the opportunity to win prizes totaling $500 in value if you were lucky enough.

So, which type of bonus is better? That's up to each player's personal preference. The important thing is knowing what your options are before making your decision on where or how to play pokies online!

What Games With Free Spins Are Available?

There are many variations of online pokies that offer free spins, and some also offer free deposits. Free spins is one of the most popular bonuses for online pokies. The number of free spins available can range from 5 to 50. Some games even offer unlimited spins. One thing to keep in mind when choosing a pokie with free spins is to ensure that you meet the wagering requirements in order to cash out your winnings.

Some games only require you to play through the number of spins given before cashing out, while others have a requirement like x3 or x5 what was played through in order to cash out any winnings earned. If a game has a high wagering requirement, it's best not to play if you don't have enough funds on hand. Another form of bonus that's available on some games is the no deposit bonus offer which allows players without a deposit account at the casino an opportunity to check-out the casino and try their luck at winning some money without risking their own funds first.

Can I Claim This 100 Free Spins Bonus?

A popular no deposit bonus offer currently available is the 100 free spins bonus. This type of bonus offers players with a set number of free spins that can be used to play a variety of different online pokies. A great example is the 100 free spins offered at Rich Casino that can be used on any online pokie game they want without having to make a deposit. When these types of bonuses are redeemed, you will not have to make any kind of deposit in order to use them. The only requirement is that you must wager your winnings from the free spins at least once before you can withdraw them for real cash.

How To Claim Free Spins Without Making A Deposit?

Free spins are free rounds at a pokie. All you have to do is download the online pokies game, and there will be an opportunity for you to claim your free spins. No deposit bonuses are exactly what they sound like - bonuses that do not require a cash deposit. However, these promotions usually come with requirements. For example, many no deposit promotions require players to complete an offer or watch an advertisement in order to redeem their bonus. This is something that must be done before the player can use the bonus money. A combination of both free spins and no deposit bonuses allows players to enjoy even more value using these types of offers.

Are The Wagering Requirements Achievable?

In addition to the fantastic offer of receiving a set number of free spins, there are also no deposit bonus offers that can be availed by players. A player needs to enter the required details on the casino website and confirm the requirements for the casino bonus offer. The wagering requirements for these bonuses will vary depending on the amount being offered. Some of these online pokies with free spins and no deposit bonus offers will have wagering requirements that are achievable for most players. For example, a player may have to bet their bonus 40 times in order to withdraw winnings from an online pokie with a 100 percent match bonus offer with a 5x playthrough requirement. On the other hand, some of these offers include wagering requirements that make it difficult for players to cash out their winnings from the online pokies. A player may need to bet 75 times his or her bonus before withdrawing any winnings from an online pokie with a 50 percent match bonus offer with a 20x playthrough requirement, which is not very easy to achieve.

What Factors Should be Considered Before Selecting a Casino Software Provider?

Before you select a casino software provider, you should consider the following factors:

  1. What does the software provider specialize in?
  2. What are their rates?
  3. How long has the company been in business?
  4. Is the company responsive to customer feedback and requests for assistance?
  5. Does the company offer a free trial period or demo?
  6. What is their support team like? Do they provide timely responses to questions and inquiries?

What Online Casino Software Providers Make Pokies?

One of the best software providers in the casino industry is Net Entertainment. Net Entertainment, or NetEnt for short, has been around since 1996 and operates out of Stockholm, Sweden. They are a developer of games/software for both land-based and online casinos. In 2010 alone, they had over 5 million customers worldwide.

Which Providers are Better for Players From New Zealand?

Casinos are always looking for ways to bring in new customers, and the best way to do that is by offering games with a diverse selection. As such, casinos offer game titles from different providers. For example, casinos in New Zealand might offer games from Aristocrat and Barcrest as these are popular providers of casino games in the region. When choosing a provider, it's important to consider what type of pokie games you like playing because they provide a wide selection. If you enjoy pokies that have bonus rounds, then Aristocrat would be your best choice. Alternatively, if you prefer more traditional pokies like those found at a local pub or club, then Barcrest would be the better option for you.